Victoria Grayson’s Gold-digging Mother!

20121201-124923.jpgVictoria Grayson’s Gold-digging Mother! I remember Adrienne Barbeau from the Loveboat, Fantasy Island, Murder She Wrote, and Cannonball Run. Here, she shows up on the Thanksgiving episode of Revenge, trying to land her latest conquest as a husband while revealed to be quite the horrible mother, blaming her murder of a former husband on Victoria. Is this leopard coat simply a coat, or a symbol of the cougar: a sexual predator who will stop at nothing to get what she wants?

Day 175 in my Captain Caveman vest, 100%

Day 175 in my Captain Caveman (you must remember Captain Caveman– like Scooby Doo, only a caveman with Charlie’s Angels-like girl teenagers) vest featuring tiger stripes. Here I am on my way home from the La Centrale General Assembly, taking my picture, under a street light. Just as I was putting the phone down (camera in phone), a woman passed by and I screamed, startled. She screamed too, and we both laughed at 10:30 at night on the Plateau in Montreal, 100%