Day 331 in and out of karaoke eyelashes, 100%

Day 331 in and out of karaoke eyelashes before and after. I hosted the karaoke party at the Royal Phoenix as there was a giant roller derby tournament this weekend in Montreal. It was super fun, there was lots of crazy singing, and the eyelashes held in all night. Thanks to a few red bulls, so did I, 100%

Day 329 at the nameless bar on Parc, 100%

Day 329 at the nameless bar on Parc. After a lovely diner and a few bottles of wine at La Buvette chez Simone, a friend took me to this nameless bar on Parc where, after waiting in line for the bathroom, two girls emerged and one said, “Nice outfit,” in a hipster drawl and they both walked away laughing hysterically. However, I think I had it coming as I did say, “Oh two of you! I hope you left something for me,” when they had emerged from the same stall. Don’t blame the wine, blame the leopard print, 100%