Tabloid Reporter Freddie Lounds on Hannibal

Tabloid Reporter Freddie Lounds on the tv series Hannibal in leopard print skirt with matching scarf and glove cuff accents. This character is ambitious, manipulative, and devious and it makes me wonder if the choice of leopard is fashionably accidental or a subliminal attempt to underscore our negative assumptions about career minded women like Lt. Maria LaGuerta on Dexter.

Day 320 with the cub’s shadow, 70%

Day 320 stepping on the cub’s shadow. She hates this dress. She joked that she hasn’t been embarrassed about the project since it started until today. It was one of the first things I bought for the project last spring to stock up on animal print. I got it at Le Chaînon, a second hand store on the Plateau and it is rather hideous. However, I want to wear everything I have at least once before it’s over, 70%

Day 318 with COMS Diploma students at Concordia, 100%

Day 318 with COMS Diploma students at Concordia. Imagine my surprise on our last day of class when all of the students showed up with a touch of animal print! It totally made me tear up. Thanks for a great semester:)

This is a paper cougar mask that Lucie, one of my students made me! Sweet! Thanks Lucie!