Chrome Ballz at the Film Farm

This is the exact opposite face I should be making at Phil Hoffman‘s Film Farm because it was a fantastically amazing week. I’m not a smoker, and for some reason, if I get my picture taken with one, I start to channel bad-boy B-movie characters from the 50s, and this face happens. And then there’s the ballz.

Leslie Supnet and I went to I’m Soooooo Bad, the adult shop in Mount Forest and Leslie spotted this tailgater for me because a few nights before, I was talking about the original idea for Teabagging & Other Beauty Secrets that I never performed but might now have to, in which a giant scrotum soft sculpture acting as a video screen would slowly descend from the ceiling so that it would rest lightly on my head and on it would be a video projection of a real-life scrotum and I would talk about how straight girls could use their boyfriends as home-beauty kits and wax the soft tender skin of their boyfriend’s scrotum as part of a beauty regimen to get rid of crows feet, puffy eyes, and dark circles through the fine art of teabagging. Although this idea tested quite well amongst the gays, it did not fair as well at parties with straight couples. It often resulted in men crossing their legs in imagined pain, and for some, it became uncomfortably clear that there was no lawn maintenance being done by the man, and ‘should there be’, and ‘is this normal’, and ‘honey, did you want me to trim up’, and ‘we are so out of the loop’, and ‘I had no idea as I’ve only had one partner’, and ‘do people really do this’ and I thought to myself, Dayna, you’re such a jerk for bringing this up, and I never made it. There was also the bloody scrotum factor that could potentially happen with waxing that may perhaps be considered TMI and so I made a viewer friendly Tupperware party version with an amazingly talented group of Montreal actresses instead. But the ballz may need to come back- we may not have seen the last of them. Stay tuned…

Gabrielle Brady took this picture. Thanks Gabrielle!