Day 223 and it’s Soban!! 100%

OMG you guys, it’s Soban! Remember from the Cougarliscious party back at the start of this project?! He was one of the strangers who turned up and did the Dayna Quiz show that the Secret Committee staged who came ever so close to winning! Wow!

This all happened at the Meow Mix Retrospective at Rats Gallery downtown. This is me doing a Gigi Lamour impression in front of her portrait by Sasha Brunelle at the vernissage, ready for my close-up.


Day 149 cougar street walk, 98%

Cougar Walk, Day 149
[FMP poster=”” width=”240″ height=”320″][/FMP]

Cougar walk down the street on the Plateau. I’m sporting that cougar fun-fur vest I got way back in May with full-on leopard pants and Cougarliscious poster shirt, 98%