Storage Wars Auctioneer


Here’s Laura Dotson, one of the Auctioneers on Storage Wars sporting an animal print cardy, suspiciously similar to Dexter’s Maria LaGuerta. Hmmm. Anyway, no matter although it seems a bit hot for a sweater when her shoes are melting. (Her shoes were totally melting in this episode, and Auctioneer hubby Dan quipped, “1 down, 499 to go!” I love tv.)

Also, Jarrod bought a bunch of stuff. They all did, it’s what they do.

Captain Maria on Dexter, season 6


What?! Again? Captain Maria LaGuerta is totally trying to get Lt. Deb to sweep a little something under the rug in this animal print cardigan in season 6. Meanwhile, Dexter is hunting Tom Hanks’ son who has hooked up with Edward James Olmos who are both wreaking Bible havoc all over Miami.

I know, I know- you didn’t think there would be so much Dexter plot gossip and seasons old at that on CougarThis, but you might as well know what’s going on in the show while one of the characters struts around in animal print. Also, in case you didn’t notice, I watch an amount of tv.

Dexter season 6 opener and guess who’s wearing animal print?


Okay, I seriously didn’t think Lt. Maria LaGuerta would be a ‘cougar’ to be citing for this project. What is going on with Dexter that they’ve got her dressed in animal print? Is it the career woman thing? An ‘aggressive’ career-woman-who-will-stop-at-nothing-to-get-ahead-in-her-career thing? Oh, btw- she made Captain.