Day 301 with Celine Dion’s star, 100%

Day 301 with Celine Dion’s star in front of the AMC Forum. All of the other stars are empty- lucky Celine! Jackie and I went to see Oz the Great and Powerful in 3D and SPOILER ALERT, it seems to be a movie about pretty girls being mad at another pretty girl for being, well, pretty and then the first pretty girls get ugly and need to leave Emerald City. Fabulous 3D, though! 100%

Cameron Diaz kidnapped in leopard print

Cameron Diaz is kidnapped for the 3rd time (3rd in character’s lifetime, 2nd time in movie) while wearing a leopard print dress in A Life Less Ordinary, 1997 that I think she borrowed from her estranged-from-her-father, mother. Here she is playing cards with one of her kidnappers, in the trunk of her father’s car when he tries to get the ransom money back from Ewan McGregor, and finally, drawing down on her father and her father’s assassin who is threatening to shoot McGregor, the first kidnapper (in the movie, not Diaz’s character’s lifetime). Spoiler Alert.

Dark Horse Cougar AND Performance Art Reference

I watched Todd Solondz’s Dark Horse (2011) last night, and there were both cougar and performance art references- perfect for my interests and research:

Cougar in Dark Horse

Performance Art in Dark Horse

I uploaded these clips to YouTube because I was having trouble with the VideoJS Pro WordPress plugin; no sound with H.264 encoded movs, and no image with mp4s when hosted and posted from my server. I’ve had success with this plugin for other videos on this site using H.264, however, neither of those have sound.