Day 250 !!! 100% !!!

Day 250 !!! 100% !!!
It seems important to use !!! for Day 250 for some reason. This is probably why a man growled at me when I passed him in the hallway of the Faubourg this evening after my Quebec Cinema class. It was sort of a Tim Allen growl, but with a little less of a ponderous/questioning tone and a touch more huskiness. It could also have been because I was sporting head to toe (including boots) leopard print and my faux fur tiger vest. He also sort of leaned into me as he passed. When I left the Faubourg, I chose to use the front entrance.

Day 192 and I am finally wearing these wool short pants, 95%

Day 192 and I am finally wearing these wool short pants that the cub’s Mom made me. When I bought the fabric last May, I was fixated on black on black patterns and clothes for summer you know, for subtlety. The cub’s Mom has made me some fabulous outfits for this project- skirts, shorts (of which there are also a pair made out of this wool fabric), shirts and dresses. She finished these Capri pants in September. They are lined and pretty cozy, but too hot for summer.

Yes, these are long pink socks and yes these are green Crocks, and no I am not leaving the house as I am still in lock down marking and writing a paper. Below is a detail of the pattern, 95%