Intro to Film

Day 227 in the mirror with press and dreams, 95%

Day 227 in the mirror. As my Dad pointed out over Xmas, this project seems to be a study in bathrooms. I guess there is always that to fall back on if this whole feminist-performance-artists-using-the-body-now-that-they’re-over-40/cougar analysis doesn’t work out. But how can it not with press like this?! Note to self: speak in more of a monotone! Next time! For print! And web! Interviews!

I now dream in leopard print. It started about a month ago. Shopping, folding clothes, getting dressed. Friends showing me animal printed things. Fairly banal, shallow, dreamscape consumervision. I also have nightmares that I am wearing plaid or that I am all dressed in black. That I have forgot. That I have lived a few days without the print, and realize that it’s too late. That my project is broken. That I broke it and it’s too late to fix it. That it’s wrecked. That I failed. Sometimes when I get dressed, I fantasize about wearing black cords and a soft red sweatshirt, wondering what that would feel like. Not the fabric, but the patternlessness of the material.

But onwards and upwards, I’m more than halfway there. No sense getting all Apocalypse Now on you (I’m debating about showing this in Intro to Film at CEGEP when I teach it again).

As for the pictures, I will try harder to mix it up or at least take you to bathrooms that you haven’t seen because you’ve pretty much experienced the whole wardrobe which I may or may not burn on June 2nd, 2013.


Day 188 and it’s all about tilted angles, 95%

Day 188 and it’s all about tilted angles. I gave the last Intro to Film lecture at Vanier, as the final exam will be next week. Hint: there will be a question on tilted angles, which director used them in what film we looked at this semester, and why. 95%

Today I was very much aware of performing proximity, or rather trying not to do it pointedly or intentionally. There were a few students at Vanier who I happened to walk behind on my way from the metro to school, both wearing leopard print pants or leggings. I tried to keep my distance for fear of embarrassing them. However, I don’t have this consideration off campus.

Day 118 and Citizen Kane is back, 92%


Day 118 and Citizen Kane is back. A few sleepers in Intro to Film this morning who should have been finding reoccurring motifs in the film as well as taking notes for the assigned comparative essay. Don’t worry- I know who they are, and their participation grade will reflect the zzzzzs that hovered over their heads. At least I didn’t have to take away cell phones today, 92%

Day 104 and I just can’t get enough of Reservoir Dogs, 100%

Day 104 and I just can’t get enough of showing Reservoir Dogs for nonchronological narrative. (Just wait until we get to Citizen Kane.) Intro to Film at Vanier starts at 8am and what better way to wake up an amphitheatre of CEGEP students than with a lot of swearing, shooting, racism, homophobia, and misogyny? 1992 called Chris Penn on his giant phone and want their track suit back, 100%