Laura Dotson

Storage Wars Laura is totally doing my project.


Okay- that’s it. I’m totally writing to Laura Dotson from Storage Wars to see who her Stylist is, to find out what is behind the animal print wearing, and to see if I can interview them for my project because by all accounts, she’s sporting the cougar wear/animal print almost as much as if not more than Maria on Dexter.

Storage Wars Auctioneer


Here’s Laura Dotson, one of the Auctioneers on Storage Wars sporting an animal print cardy, suspiciously similar to Dexter’s Maria LaGuerta. Hmmm. Anyway, no matter although it seems a bit hot for a sweater when her shoes are melting. (Her shoes were totally melting in this episode, and Auctioneer hubby Dan quipped, “1 down, 499 to go!” I love tv.)

Also, Jarrod bought a bunch of stuff. They all did, it’s what they do.