My Name is Earl/Raising Hope cross over show with leopard pants

Not really sure why there is a My Name is Earl cast reunion playing other characters but referencing story lines and catch phrases from that show on Raising Hope, but Jason Lee is wearing this great wig and tight leopard pants. He also sports leopard print shirts in this episode too in which his character is a washed out rock star. Or something. (They’re on an airplane- it’s a whole thing that frankly, isn’t that interesting.)

Day 148 and this must be the outfit, 98%

Day 148 and this must be the outfit because a man rode past me on his bicycle saying, “Oh la la” about 5 times and gave me the thumbs up. Later on Mont Royal, I walked by the record shop, and a guy said to another, “check it” and pointed at me as I walked by, although they could have been pointing to the younger blonde woman who was walking in front of me wearing blue leopard jeans. Or the both of us wearing leopard jeans. 98%