Lorelei’s Mom on The Mentalist

Lorelei’s Mom, Dana Martin in Episode 8, Season 5, “Red Sails in the Sunset” on The Mentalist. She confesses that she sold Lorelei’s sister when both daughters were children, and was an all around not super awesome Mom. (Lorelei is a disciple of Red John, the serial killer who murdered Patrick Jane’s wife and daughter, and who he has been chasing for 5 seasons.) Original air date: 18 Nov. 2012.
I am adding this episode to my list of things to do for the summer for the Secret Messages series.

Day 256 looking for transcendental light, 95%

Day 256 looking for transcendental light in 256 indexed colour. I’m sporting a very cozy non-animal printed hot pink scarf that my Aunt made me for Xmas which goes great with the hot pink shirt that the cub’s Mom made me which I am wearing under the black and white cashmere cardigan my Mom gave me, all for Xmas. It’s a family affair for sure. I went shopping today after class and did not buy anything for myself. Hurray! 95%

Day 248 and I think I will stay in my pajamas, 98%

Day 248 and I think I will stay in my pajamas all day while doing homework if I can. These are pajamas that my Mom gave me for Xmas. They are black and white with hot pink trim, and satin. Fancy, right? 98%

Also, Estelle Rosen asked me about this project in “The Question” at the Charlebois Post, and my response went online today.

Ricky and Bubba score on a crystal zebra bra

Ricky and Bubba found this amazing crystal encrusted zebra bra in a locker on Storage Wars Texas. There is a lot of talking about the kind of ladies who wear something like this. Bubba suggests they take it to Ricky’s Mom, who is a jewelry and all things sparkly specialist. Ricky is uncomfortable. He says he will wait in the truck and that Bubba should talk to his Mom by himself about the bra.

Cut to Bubba in the shop with Ricky’s Mom.

They discuss the bra. More talk about who wears this type of thing and the ‘support’ that it lends. The word “ta-tas” is thrown around. A lot.
Enter Ricky while his Mom is holding up the bra, “Well hello darlin’. Come see your Mother.”

She evaluates it as authentic crystal at a value of $2000.