Day 88 at the Casa, 100%

Oh oh. Here I am on Day 88 again in the very charming washroom of the Casa with a pretty cool Festival de Musique Émergente poster behind me. I’m having drinks with Benni E, his lady Keetha, and the cub after a 1 hour Dykes on Mykes special with Benni E where we played his music and influences. Jackie Gallant was there teching, it was pretty sweet, 100%

Day 75 at the Radical Dyke March, 95%

Day 75 at the Radical Dyke March in a brand new dress that my Mom sent me. Here we are at Mont Royal and St. Denis after starting at Berri and St. Catherine and passing through the Village. I’m a but haggard here because a few of us stopped at The Drugstore for a quick drink because even though this was an anti-capitalist march (what dyke march in Montreal would be complete without a bevvie at The Drugstore), we managed to loose 600 or so dykes in 10 minutes! Anyway, we had to hoof it and caught up with them at Deluth and St. Denis, ending up at the after party at the Cabaret du Mile End which featured a fabulous show hosted by Guizo Lanuit. Miss Sugarpuss, BENNI E., and MEN were awesome. 95%