Raising Hope

My Name is Earl/Raising Hope cross over show with leopard pants

Not really sure why there is a My Name is Earl cast reunion playing other characters but referencing story lines and catch phrases from that show on Raising Hope, but Jason Lee is wearing this great wig and tight leopard pants. He also sports leopard print shirts in this episode too in which his character is a washed out rock star. Or something. (They’re on an airplane- it’s a whole thing that frankly, isn’t that interesting.)

Maw Maw on the drive home

What is interesting in this episode of Raising Hope is when they have Maw Maw wearing animal print. I have been pretty used to seeing this character in various degrees of leopard, last week taking the cake with her head to toe pajamas, and expected nothing less this week. However, she wore another pattern, a more subdued pattern, and I thought I had to let go of my projected analysis that envisioned stylist meetings that actually picked out animal print as a signifier of sexuality for Maw Maw and all that this implies for her. However, this reading stays as in this episode, the Chance clan travels to Hollywood where subplot, Maw Maw wants revenge on her dead husband’s (dead” mistress by sleeping with the dead mistress’s alive yet very elderly, husband. Guess what she was wearing afterwards?
Also, Spoiler Alert.

Maw Maw and I have a similar wardrobe

Maw Maw and I have a similar wardrobe. Here she is brushing her teeth about to flush the toilet on Jimmy who is singing in the shower, and getting a lap dance from the pizza boy at Sabrina’s bachelorette party. Spoiler Alert.