Royal Phoenix

Day 331 in and out of karaoke eyelashes, 100%

Day 331 in and out of karaoke eyelashes before and after. I hosted the karaoke party at the Royal Phoenix as there was a giant roller derby tournament this weekend in Montreal. It was super fun, there was lots of crazy singing, and the eyelashes held in all night. Thanks to a few red bulls, so did I, 100%

Cougar Mama at the Royal Phoenix

This is a durational performance that I did at the Royal Phoenix on Monday, December 10th (Day 193) for their staff party. I haven’t done it for a while, and I sat on the bar in this outfit that features fake breasts filled with vodka for about an hour. I cougar-ed it up so that I wouldn’t break the rules of this project, and I think I like it better this way. I wrote the description for this piece a few years ago when I went to Poland and Berlin with it that talks about this work as related to government, embodied matriarchy, sexuality and disgust, but I think I need to revise this description to include something about the breast as the lost object and the significance of the vodka as a substitute for milk.

Day 169 and this is what I wore to Feminasty II, 100%

Day 169 and this is what I wore to Feminasty II, the wickedly awesome La Centrale fundraising party at the Royal Phoenix. DJs Lamathilde, Dyke Rivers, and France Castel ROCKED IT, as did performances by Alexis O’Hara, Vincent Chevalier, Claire Mortifee, and Donzelle. A great night, 100%

Day 156 giving it all I got, 95%

Day 156 giving it all I got in leopard on leopard on tiger. Hipsters love this jacket, regular people, not so much. 2 people said, “Caliss” on Mont Royal today as I walked by. The coat check girl at the Royal Phoenix said it was the best jacket she saw all night last night and the person working the door said I looked great which makes that a tie, 95%

Day 128 in my straight dress, 95%

Day 128 in my fall leopard dress that I got in Toronto at a vintage store with Kirsten Johnson last spring. We celebrated Gabriel’s birthday at Portus Calle, went to Big in Japan for whiskey sours, and later to the Royal Phoenix for a few more drinks. I met a man at the bar who didn’t believe that I was gay. Must be the dress, 95%