Day 318 with COMS Diploma students at Concordia, 100%

Day 318 with COMS Diploma students at Concordia. Imagine my surprise on our last day of class when all of the students showed up with a touch of animal print! It totally made me tear up. Thanks for a great semester:)

This is a paper cougar mask that Lucie, one of my students made me! Sweet! Thanks Lucie!


Day 82 and these pants must be working, 100%

Day 82 leaving a teaching workshop at Vanier College and a man in a silver car slows down as I’m walking down Decelles.
“Bonjour Madame,” he says.
“Hi?” I say back.
“Oh you speak English! May I ask you a question?” he says, not waiting for me to answer.
“Are you a single lady?”
“What? Why?”
“Because I am a lonely, single man and you look like you would be nice company.”
“I’m not. Keep driving, pal.”

Obviously these pants that my girlfriend made me buy are er, working. 100%