Lorelei’s Mom on The Mentalist

Lorelei’s Mom, Dana Martin in Episode 8, Season 5, “Red Sails in the Sunset” on The Mentalist. She confesses that she sold Lorelei’s sister when both daughters were children, and was an all around not super awesome Mom. (Lorelei is a disciple of Red John, the serial killer who murdered Patrick Jane’s wife and daughter, and who he has been chasing for 5 seasons.) Original air date: 18 Nov. 2012.
I am adding this episode to my list of things to do for the summer for the Secret Messages series.

Tabloid Reporter Freddie Lounds on Hannibal

Tabloid Reporter Freddie Lounds on the tv series Hannibal in leopard print skirt with matching scarf and glove cuff accents. This character is ambitious, manipulative, and devious and it makes me wonder if the choice of leopard is fashionably accidental or a subliminal attempt to underscore our negative assumptions about career minded women like Lt. Maria LaGuerta on Dexter.