Day 293 with bad leftovers, 100%

Up all night reliving Thai leftovers. Not the best idea I’ve had.

I think this red-dot pattern around my eyes (not my natural rudiness) is petechial hemorrhaging, if my years of watching Law & Order is worth anything- you know, when they find a body that has been strangled or drowned these red dots appear around the eyes. I got mine from a night of vomiting, SPOILER ALERT. I’m not Googling to verify this as I don’t think my stomach could take the image results or the descriptions*.

I had to cancel my class today. Hopefully, I will stay out of the water closet. I’m going back to bed. Ugh.

*Truth be told, I did Google with one eye open to ensure I spelled “petechial” correctly.

My Name is Earl/Raising Hope cross over show with leopard pants

Not really sure why there is a My Name is Earl cast reunion playing other characters but referencing story lines and catch phrases from that show on Raising Hope, but Jason Lee is wearing this great wig and tight leopard pants. He also sports leopard print shirts in this episode too in which his character is a washed out rock star. Or something. (They’re on an airplane- it’s a whole thing that frankly, isn’t that interesting.)