Day 361 in front of La Centrale, 100%

Day 361 waiting in front of La Centrale for a photographer from the Gazette to take my picture for an article about the project that is supposed to come out this week. Why La Centrale? For the project’s closing that is happening this Friday.

I gave the final exam to the Intro to Film class at Vanier today who were a great group!

Also, I wore 3 different outfits today all 95-100%

Day 197 and this outfit has caused some reactions, 95%

Day 197

I took the metro to Vanier this morning and noticed that two women seemed not to like how I was dressed. One woman in her 20s stared at me and looked me up and down (I was sitting). I smiled at her. She looked away.
The woman next to me also stared at me with a bit of a scowl on her face. I smiled at her. She blinked, and looked away.
I was reading the Art History exam on the metro, so maybe they didn’t like that and it had nothing to do with my new shirt and jeans. Also, my knee touched the 2nd woman’s knee when the metro left the station (twice) and I moved my leg away.

After I gave the final exam in my Art History class a student said, “Can I ask you a question? You wear a lot of animal print.”
“Yes,” I said.
“So why?”
“What do you mean?”
“Do you really like it?”
“I’m doing a project in which I wear animal print every day for a year. This is day 197.”
“Oh wow! I thought it was just a Thursday thing.”

Because of the exam, I was 2 hours late to the department meeting. Once I sat down and settled, Thomas said, “Liberace called and he wants his clothes back.”
“Good one,” I said.
“You really look fantastic,” he whispered.
“What? You can’t lead with Liberace and then end with fantastic. It makes ‘fantastic’ meaningless.”
“Why not? Liberace was great.”
Thomas also told me that he has a stuffed python that he got as a young man in Zaire if I wanted to borrow it. “I know about your project and thought of you. But you can only use it if you have something specific in mind.”

After the meeting, some of us went to Justine and Terryll’s house for a few end of term drinks (Thomas did not come). I met Louise, who teaches painting, and she told me that when she saw me come into the meeting she thought to herself, “there’s someone who doesn’t care what anyone thinks- there’s someone living outside of the box.” She also wondered who I was and thought I was a friend of Cheryl’s. She did not know that I also taught in the department. She is going to Jamaica for a month to shoot a documentary.

Day 189 and snakeskin is back, 95%

Day 189 and snakeskin is back after a bit of a hiatus. I got this new cuff on Monday at a store in the Concordia metro, 95%

Today, just before Art History, Cheryl Donison, a colleague at Vanier told me that a student of hers asked her who she shared an office with. The student replied, “Dayna? Who is Dayna? Is she the woman who always wears animal print?” Cheryl told her that I am a performer and that this is a year-long project to which the student replied, “Aaaaahh,” as though now, it all made sense. According to Cheryl, the student was then “totally fascinated.”

Thanks for the report, Cheryl:)

Day 188 and it’s all about tilted angles, 95%

Day 188 and it’s all about tilted angles. I gave the last Intro to Film lecture at Vanier, as the final exam will be next week. Hint: there will be a question on tilted angles, which director used them in what film we looked at this semester, and why. 95%

Today I was very much aware of performing proximity, or rather trying not to do it pointedly or intentionally. There were a few students at Vanier who I happened to walk behind on my way from the metro to school, both wearing leopard print pants or leggings. I tried to keep my distance for fear of embarrassing them. However, I don’t have this consideration off campus.