Day 118 and Citizen Kane is back, 92%


Day 118 and Citizen Kane is back. A few sleepers in Intro to Film this morning who should have been finding reoccurring motifs in the film as well as taking notes for the assigned comparative essay. Don’t worry- I know who they are, and their participation grade will reflect the zzzzzs that hovered over their heads. At least I didn’t have to take away cell phones today, 92%

Day 104 and I just can’t get enough of Reservoir Dogs, 100%

Day 104 and I just can’t get enough of showing Reservoir Dogs for nonchronological narrative. (Just wait until we get to Citizen Kane.) Intro to Film at Vanier starts at 8am and what better way to wake up an amphitheatre of CEGEP students than with a lot of swearing, shooting, racism, homophobia, and misogyny? 1992 called Chris Penn on his giant phone and want their track suit back, 100%