window shopping

Crazy Cat Lady

Here’s Susan Kennedy in her Crazy Cat Lady Window Installation at Arterie Boutique & Friperie that is an off-site component of Queer Partnerships, a two week exhibition at the VAV Gallery that runs until December 7th.

PattiD’s Roadtrip!!!

ROAD TRIP! Five book group members: an artist, a newly retired teacher, an engineer, a citizen engagement associate and a women’s centre director. One rental van. Destination: Vail, Colorado. Object: to meet mutual friend’s new husband and have an adventure together (not the first one we have had). He arranges 5 night’s deluxe condo accommodation in Vail, Colorado, at his place of employment for greatly reduced rate. We like him already! Each woman makes a reservation for one night’s accommodation on the road: Helena Montana, Rock Springs Wyoming, Denver Colorado, Casper Wyoming, Great Falls Montana. Stop along the way for groceries, picnics, ice cream cones and points of interest: Helena Montana State building, Dillon Montana outdoor community market + cappuccino bar/boot shop, Kemmerer Wyoming home of the J.C. Penny Motherstore and the Oyster Ridge Music Festival for “authentic” Mexican food. Vail offered the Bravo Music Festival and the New York City Ballet in the Lyndon B. Johnson outdoor amphitheatre. Our friend cooks for us. New husband cooks for us. His friend cooks for us. All is good and new husband passes inspection with flying colours and marriage is sanctioned by the book group. Day trips from Vail to Eagle, Edwards, Leadville, Minturn, Aspen, Glenwood Springs. Denver offered art galleries, a major league baseball game, plenty of book stores + 20 minutes stuck in the hotel elevator with a panic stricken deaf transgendered person. Return journey featured stops at The Occidental Hotel in Buffalo Wyoming and the Little Big Horn Battlefield Montana. Eleven action filled days and then back home to Calgary Alberta.

Butterflies DO count!

Wow. These blue and green animal print dresses on St Laurent (below Rachel) are take-my-breath-away awesome. Probably because they aren’t brown, tan, beige, or a combination there of. Butterflies TOTALLY count. Totally.