Day 364: the last day, 100%

Day 364: the last day posing for a pic with Val Desjardins at La Centrale at the official closing of the project where the amazing and talented Nikol Mikus and Alyson Wishnousky worked their respective bags off styling subjects and taking wicked pictures of people who came to try on my animal print wardrobe, get their picture taken, and take an item or two home with them to make it part of their daily lives. Many pictures to follow!

I also performed Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece, a performance in which members of the audience are invited to cut off a piece of my clothing until I am left naked.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making this a very memorable end to a year of wearing animal print 24/7 for 364 days straight.


Day 352 on a photoshoot with Pierre Dalpé, 95%

Day 352 on a photo shoot with Pierre Dalpé at the Botanical Gardens and the Musée Dufresne on Sherbrooke. The shoot was really fun- thanks Pierre!

After the photo shoot, I assured Pierre I would be fine getting a cab in spite of the rain.
I was wrong.
5 cabs passed me by, despite my waiting at a gas station where there was a drive-thru Tim Horton’s. A cab actually turned into the gas station and slowed down. As I ran to get in the car, he waved me off and sped away. I am assuming that my outfit discouraged these drivers to pick me up.

Finally, a taxi stopped for me. I got dropped off at the SAQ on St Denis on the Plateau to pick up some wine to take to a friend’s house for an inside bbq because of the rain. My arms were full with a box of 4 bottles, and I walked west on Duluth. A car full of women started talking to me, making kissing noises and saying, “Oh ma belle! Ma belle!” I smiled, winked, and made that clicking noise you make when you are being cheesy. I also kept walking. They started laughing louder and said a few more mean things in French, making fun of my ass.