The Seasons of the Cougar

A key element to this project was how others perceive the cougar not just through existing media texts and cultural stereotypes, but when confronted with her in person. I was particularly interested in how photographers might use and represent this figure, and it was with this intent that I collaborated with 7 photographers. Here, I was interested in a collaborative relationship that pushed the boundaries of my own practice by placing myself in the hands of another artist.

Because well #fashion, we started by shooting the four seasons:

Nikol Mikus, Summer
Val Desjardins, Fall
Vincent Dilio, Winter
Pierre Dalpé, Spring

After meeting Michele Peason Clarke and discussing vulnerability in relationship to the very public aspects of the project, she followed me around and took pictures of people’s reaction to me. This work can be seen here.

After the pleasant surprise of Anne Guillaume showing up at Cougarliscious, the project’s launch, I decided that I wanted to bookend the project with portraiture. Marisa Portolese shot the final portrait, which is called, ‘Dayna, c-print, 2014.’

Finally, Paul Litherland documented the end of this project at La Centrale where I re-performed Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece. This work can be seen here.



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