Day 352 on a photoshoot with Pierre Dalpé, 95%

Day 352 on a photo shoot with Pierre Dalpé at the Botanical Gardens and the Musée Dufresne on Sherbrooke. The shoot was really fun- thanks Pierre!

After the photo shoot, I assured Pierre I would be fine getting a cab in spite of the rain.
I was wrong.
5 cabs passed me by, despite my waiting at a gas station where there was a drive-thru Tim Horton’s. A cab actually turned into the gas station and slowed down. As I ran to get in the car, he waved me off and sped away. I am assuming that my outfit discouraged these drivers to pick me up.

Finally, a taxi stopped for me. I got dropped off at the SAQ on St Denis on the Plateau to pick up some wine to take to a friend’s house for an inside bbq because of the rain. My arms were full with a box of 4 bottles, and I walked west on Duluth. A car full of women started talking to me, making kissing noises and saying, “Oh ma belle! Ma belle!” I smiled, winked, and made that clicking noise you make when you are being cheesy. I also kept walking. They started laughing louder and said a few more mean things in French, making fun of my ass.


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