Day 73 film festival editing, 100%

I edited our 48 hour film festival film in a multi-coloured top that I forgot that I had and found while frantically tidying up before my team arrived on Sunday morning. We made a gangster kind of film, I got 3 hours of sleep, and had a cameo where I get shot. I wore a long leopard print négligé dress for that, and I hesitate to use the word ‘négligé’ because that makes it sound like it’s underwear, or more precisely, ‘sexy underwear’ especially with the accents, but before you picture me prancing around in a ‘négligé’ smoking long cigarettes and seducing young men in this ultimate cougar attire, may I just say that it is floor length, and made out of polyester. Sexy.

Anyway, when I bought it, the woman at the store said that it would be perfect to wear “for lounging around the house,” which I was a bit put out by because why was she giving me instructions on how to wear something? Also the whole reason I bought it was to wear it as a dress with the intent of leaving the house, possibly as a night on the town type dress, maybe see a show in it or something and not just as something to wear while holing up in my apartment eating bonbons and drinking bourbon (there’s another outfit for that). I had actually talked myself into it as a dress while I was trying it on at the store, and here she was putting a pin in my this-is-a-négligé, I-can-totally-pull-it-off-as-a-dress logic. (Obviously I’m sensitive about this dress/négligé issue: perhaps this deserves further analysis at a later date.) However in this case, she was right: it was perfect to lounge around my apartment in, waiting for a guy to burst in and shoot me.

Our film is called, Don’t Name Your Pets, and featured Robert Higden, Patrick Charron, Sterling Mawhinney, and Roy Whybro. We were going for a high contrast black and white look, which I think compensated for not shooting in HD. What a fun weekend!

I also ended up wearing that dress from my birthday back in June, but without the DIY spanx for the screening which was on Sunday night, 48 hours after we started. 100% x 3 outfits!

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